Random Post {May 23, 2012}…

Hello my loves aka my readers,

Missed you guys already, I think it’s only been two days but oh well I missed you all. Ugh today I’ve been kinda blah. Just been trying to get back into the swing of things because I’ve kinda fell off but I’m out of whack. Anyway I’ve been working on some freelance projects and researching about making a platform. As I’m preparing to take on publishing my manuscript I must come up with an bomb.com platform to gain readers plus sell books. I already began becoming a brand so I think it’s almost the same thing just this is for writing specifically. But right now I just have I write poetry on topics like: Love, Relationships, Sex, Self-eestem/confidence and family. I’m pretty sure there’s other topics I just can’t think of it, lol. But along with that I’m on Facebook, Twitter and I have this blog to help me. On top of that I am thinking about beginning a YouTube, not sure yet but it’s an idea. I already have much to concentrate on so I don’t wanna spread myself out too thin but the more exposure the better with trying to get to the level of success I see myself.

Let’s talk about “Role Models” just for a minuet because I was on one of my favorite website “concreteloop.com”  and there’s this Vibe cover with Evelyn Lozada, Kandi, Chrissy Lumpkin and Tamar Braxton. I love all of them despite all of the lash back they receive for acting a fool on tv to get PAID money. To me I watch to TV to be entertained almost like listening to music most listen to music to relax, be entertained or just like it in general. Each of these individuals in my eyes are grown and can do what they please when it comes to money because their old enough to make decisions of they own. We all have our moments and we all can get upset, angry, get in arguments etc but they are put on tv and in front of millions to entrain. In my eyes if your not juicy, entertaining or starting drama people won’t watch your show. Basketball wives is mature compared to BAD GIRLS CLUB where they literally gang up on one person or do something CRAZY to stay on the show and be the favorite. If Basketball Wives has to be taken off air I believe BAD GIRLS CLUB should be taken off too. All in all it’s entertainment and if your a parent and feel your child shouldn’t be watching the show then don’t allow them to watch it. But if your child listens to rap music aka HIP HOP MUSIC its almost the same. You have to let them know this is not the real world this is entertainment don’t allow this to influence you as a person. That’s just how I feel because so many are making this big deal when you don’t have to watch the show. Just change the channel, lol. I like it so I watch it. When you decide to go on these shows you should know who you will be around and what the show portrays. Thats just my opinion on the show. The cover is very sexy and I don’t think “New Role Models” were the correct word choices for the cover maybe “The New faces of Reality T.V” or “The Women of Reality TV” or something along those lines. Of Basketball Wives, Love & Hip-Hop, Real Housewives of Atlanta and The Braxtons these are some of my favorite cast members. So that’s why I liked the cover and it’s sexy. I believe if you can exude sexiness do it. So I like the cover I just feel it’s word choice was misleading.

Further down in the future I can see myself and my family doing a reality tv show plus my sister and I have a funny relationship so it’ll be entertaining. I think anywhere you can gain a profit these days you should explore that option. Push to any limit to get that money long as it doesn’t change your values or portray yourself in the wrong light because I think these woman have more to offer than “DRAMA”. So my view can very well be different from someone else’s but hey everyone has an opinion on something it’s one reason why I refuse to try and PLEASE PEOPLE. I prefer to please my damn self lol. If anyone has ideas for my platform I’m gladly taking suggestions because these next few weeks I’m trying to come up with my platform and be as creative as I can possibly can. I’m working on fliers for my graphic design work (freelance) BUT I think I will combine the two and have people also check out my blog. I love new readers and I think it’s refreshing to feel a sense of positivity in our souls every once in awhile, that’s what I’m here for. This is my world and I’m just trying to advance in my life slowly but surely.



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