Update {May 21, 2012}…

Hello my loves aka my readers,

I’ve been focused on my book like no other and that will be kicked into a heavier flow because I went to an publishing class yesterday. That put more work on top of what I’m already working towards but hey to get where I see myself I must work hard. The Practical Steps to publishing your writing was taught by Frank Miligan who wrote: Time to Write. He was a great teacher and enlightened me about so much. I will be pushing back finding an editor so I can put out more money to edit my material. Gaining more readers for my blog is one of my top priorities, coming up with a tight platform and working on my physical appearance heavily. Creativity and fresh ideas I will be coming up with as well. I’m leaning towards getting an agent to be published with one of the big publishing agencies. He told me to think about doing “poetry slams” but I’m terrible at memorizing things so that’s something I have to think further on. But entering contest to become a prize winning poet and joining different clubs I can do also. I’ll be doing more research and trying to get known everyday. I took some photos to add to my documentary for my book journey step by step. Pictures speaks a thousand words! This will be a long journey but anything worth it takes time. I will say it’s stressful because poetry don’t attract people’s eyes and it’s not as popular like fiction/non-fiction. One of my inspirations is Alicia Keys’s book because its a book of poetry which I’m also writing a book full of poetry written to empower and inspire people.

…I believe in my dream and my mission behind this book so I will apply everything in me to bring this book to all the potential I know it can be.

Love, Peace and Honesty!,



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