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Hello loves aka my readers,

This is a random post but I’ve been thinking about posting the last few days just to vent a little and speak on some things going on with myself and LIFE. Coming up this Sunday I will be going to this publishing class to figure out which side am I leaning towards. Either self publishing or going through an agent. I’m hoping to learn much from the class so I can really decide once the editing process is complete what I want to do. I’m ready to further this journey because I’ve been working on this book tirelessly for two years so it’s time to really put things into high gear. I’m working on the book cover too and it’s the fun part you can say but I want to take my time. It has to represent me as a writer, fresh out the gate author and ME all together. From the book cover, the sleeves, the layout, font and photos it has to yell out DREYA. This is book is my baby and it’s something that in my heart knows will make history and really make people want to read because it’s raw and it doesn’t sugar coat what’s really going on in the our society, in the african american society and for females I’m pulling to not only empower you all but inspire you all. I will face a great deal of obstacles but I have all my life so I’m prepared for anything that comes my way.

This is a BIGGIE. Same sex marriage. It’s something that has made me heated and go back and forth with several people. I SUPPORT SAME SEX MARRIAGES AND THEY SHOULD HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Whether if your straight or gay you deserved to be loved and I think if your going to married you should share the same rights heterosexual married couples have. It’s unfair to let only heterosexuals have rights but not homosexual. A lot of people are saying this is an religious thing but it’s also an civil rights thing too. I don’t judge people based up their sexulity but their character and who they are. It’s only fair to do so. Everyone has a heart and everyone has feelings. This guy told me “Not every way of loving is healthy” so because its a homosexual person loving another homosexual it’s UNHEALTHY? WHAT? I don’t agree. It’s heart braking because on the news I see so many gays/lesbians being killed, bullied, disliked, judged and committing suicide because they feel unwanted or unloved. Oh and I’m hearing homosexuals are losing their jobs because of they sexuality. It’s not right at all. So because they love/like someone of the same gender they don’t deserve to make a living? Or have a job? It’s just not fair. Love is love in my eyes and just  because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean it’s WRONG. God dies for our sins and he tells us to love everyone. He loves you and each of us sin everyday. Think about it.

It’s been on my mind heavily about doing things thats on my mind and to do list. I’ve gotten off track a little so Im trying to get back on track because I’m trying to lay things down for an foundation for what I want to do in the future. It’s exciting and my aim is to do things thats unexacting and open doors for others that can identify with who I am as an individual. I look up to so many who have already pave the way and opened doors so it’s only right that I do the things I know I can do if I put my mind to it. I’ve always wanted more than one income so that I’m able to maintain the lifestyle I’m currently use too and the one I’ve always dreamed of. I know my mission so I’m believing it that and letting God lead the way. There’s so much negativity in the world I don’t tolerate it in my circle or around me. I enjoy laughing and smiling so I like to keep that energy around me all the time. It’s tough right now because I’m still looking for full time employment to gain money for this book adventure, moving out and exploring different paths (careers). I’m willing to take a leap out on faith to take my life to a different level. I have a big support system so I just keep that energy going. It’s my year I just gotta keep moving forward. Thank you to everyone who is following me! AND KEEP FOLLOWING ME. Much more to come, I look to transforming with you guys!!!!!!!!!




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