Forever & Always…{Old Poem}

Forever & Always

I’m the furthest from perfect

But for you I’m damn sure striving to get there

In my heart you’ll always be more than a friend

But I promise you as usual lovers or friends

Baby I’m riding this out to the end

I put it on everything; I’ve never felt like this

I’ve only fell so deep once

Worthiness is everything to me

With you I’m beginning to slip

Beginning to get wrapped around your fingers

Running from the feelings I have

Ignoring the thoughts in my head

Wishing on a star I can be where you are

Loving you that’s all I’m asking for

Time is only wasting; why wait for eventually?

I’m holding your heart in my hands

Breaking it just isn’t an option

First time you said “I love you”

You captured my heart instantly

I love you and that’s what you call honesty

Justifying this situation; forget it

Embrace how we truly feel and move on

We’ve done the whole “let’s not talking”

You have feelings and so do I

Both of us have to make moves

You’re my weakness

Your heart I’m already claiming it

You deserve a superwoman

You’re my superman

Forever & Always


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