It’s Behind Me…{Old Poem}

It’s Behind Me

I’ve been stressing over a lot

Because honestly I’ve been dealing with a lot

I want and will be happy

Since the 8th grade I’ve been going back and forth

Since my freshmen year

I’ve experienced so much

Love, pain, losing & gaining friends and death

Even family shit

Rock bottom I’ve hit

No one was there

Not even a little bit

I’ve had people talk shit about me, use me and try to take my man

I value love

I value my family

I value my life

I’ve realized that I’m not perfect

But I put myself on top

If I don’t who will?

If you know me you know I’m chill

But I’m over the old shit

I’m on my grown woman

Upgrading this little kid shit

My squad is locked

All that bullshit I’ve delt with

I’m done with it

That beef I had with you

I’m done with

Don’t bring your shit over here

You dot drama

Keep your distance

That shit…

It’s behind me


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