I’ll Always Love You…{Old Poem}

I’ll Always Love You

There is a piece of my heart you’ll always have

I was 14 when I started talking to you

I’ve experienced so much than expected

Falling in love with you has been a roller coaster

But it brought us closer

This love I have for you is so solid

It’s hard to put exactly how I feel into words

I’m scared that I love you too much

Caring for you has been wonderful

You’ve taught me how to treat a guy

How to love

How to deal with my emotions

Everything a lover can teach them, you’ve taught me

Giving it your all is what it’s all about

Never doubt my love

Never give up on what we have

I’ve put you deep into my soul

So deep that you’ll never go away

I love you

That’s what I’ve established

I’ve also learned that

I’ll always love you!


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