Enough Crying…{Old Poem}

Enough Crying

What goes up must come down

For all the crying I’ve done I believe I deserve a crown

I gave you nothing but my all

I don’t want to play house no more

I can’t pretend no more

My heart is tired of the games, lies and betrayal

Crying night after night

Asking you to stay with me and be there for me

Why should I have to ask?

You should already wanna be there

You got me playing myself, blaming myself, lying to myself, feeling guilty and

taking all your bullshit

What else can I do but leave?

I believed you and I was there for you

The sex was so good and you had my mind

And I let you come back every time

You would find a way to cross the line

But, Dreya was the type to wait patiently

I knew you wanted me and loved me just as much as I did

But NO it was all-wrong

Yeah, I thought we’d get married

I thought I needed you to carry me

But I’m out my mind

To think I needed you to carry me

I was chasing you around and trying to get you back

In your mind you was never coming back

You played with my emotions

Told me what I wanted to hear

Made it sound so damn good

I had to wait to find out you didn’t want me

You never gained interest in me

Well damn, I guess that’s another one of your dumb ass lies

I played the fool

I loved you dearly

Took our relationship seriously

Now, it’s time to end this

I’m not your child or play toy

I’m Dreya, Shadreya, a DIVA and a damn good lady

This lady is DONE!

I’ve had enough for a long time now

Enough crying!


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