Random Post…{May 7th}

Hello my loves aka my readers!,

Welcome to the new people following on wordpress, I appreciate the follow. I do my best to follow people back to show support because I know for my mission I need all the support I can find. My readers are my loves so I do call my readers my loves. You guys read my poems and give me feed back, I need it badly. I am curious to know what people are hungry for and interested in. With poetry I’m really trying to break barriers and grab the attention of people who don’t even read. Reaching all walks of life and letting every ethnicity, race and COLOR(S) even though we come from different places we all share our own identities and UNIQUENESS. There’s nothing wrong with being yourself AND EMBRACING your culture or who you are as an individual let it be a single mother, a teen pregnant under the age of 21, plus size, too skinny, lesbian or GAY or just plain weird it’s fine it’s WHO YOU ARE. I love someone who can embrace who they are regardless who comes around and they don’t change up because of their surroundings. I’m a plus size woman and african american so I face my own challenges day by day BUT I love who I am. I take pride who who I am and if I dislike something in myself I change it. Change is not easy but it’s worth it especially when you know in your heart its needed. If you are making a change, do it for yourself not anyone else.

Lately I’ve been enjoying the single life and I honestly want to learn how it feels to be single. I’ve been single 5 years but not dating you know? So thats what I’m doing if a guy takes interest in me I am willing to get to know him and see where it goes. I very much have standards which are basics work, drive, respect me and know what you want….AND HONESTY IS A MUST. I try to be as up front and honest as I can be to keep a well balanced relationship. I see relationships as 50/50 plus a supporter at all times even when I know damn well it won’t work lol I do support people. It’s just my nature as well as caring about people. I think I care too much and way too hard about people or situations. And I always try to find the good within everyone. It may be a weakness of mine but I know I have to watch how much I care because not everyone I come across in my lifetime will care about me like I care for them. If I’m a 150% in a friendship and relationship I pretty much expect the same. I’m a real ass friend and I try my best to be there for an individual as much as I can you know. In the past I’ve made a mistake of not being there for the person but instead going in on them when they needed me to support them and give them a shoulder to cry on. I can honestly say its one time I wish I could go back and redo it. I love this individual to pieces even to this day and I’ve reached out to them but I can understand if I hurt them that bad they can’t let it go. So I mean I’ve learned from my mistakes and I keep it moving.

But back to dating lol I’m dating guys and having fun. I’m a relationship kind of female so juggling more than one situation is brand new to me. I’ve done it in my past along time ago when guys first took interest in me but now it’s like dang I see what guys go through when they have more than one female they like, lol. But my heart is in a place where my guard is up and fighting the love of someone I know damn well I care about very much. He is in my life at this moment and I support him in everything he does. Him being in my life it’s a big ass difference because that kool-aid smile just lives on my face and those butterflies just take over. We still fight and whatever like other situations but at the end of the day I know what it is. We aren’t together but he’s still in my life, that’s all I want to be honest. Right now I’m trying to become established heavily this year into the next few years. I have so much to accomplish and I’m finally putting my energy into things where it needs to be. By June I’m hoping to send off my manuscript to an editor. It’s a big step because outside of myself I haven’t had someone read my manuscript.I’ve been looking at the fabulous Beyonce transition into motherhood, Kelly Rowland get her proper shine and she’s gorgeous as usual, Rihanna’s style just keep rocking, my new favorite Tika Sumpter grow more into her acting career and I’m just LOVING LALA. Lala is getting into her make up line and more roles onto tv and movies.

I love woman empowerment and growing as an individual so I get inspired by them. Oh Trina has been really catching my eye as well. Trina is getting out of her comfort zone so I’m loving that AND I am in that same place too. I’m encouraging myself to challenge myself on every level to get to the level of success I see myself and just becoming that all time positive, God fearing and inspiration woman I’m driven to become. It’s a hard road I’m climbing up but I’m willing to do what I need too in order to get to the level. God is good all the time. Everyday I wake up is a new day to become a better me. I’m blessed beyond measure and I’m ready. Please keep reading, supporting and following my journey, I appreciate all of you.


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