Identity…{Old Poem}


I find myself losing

 Each time I try I always get hurt

 Over the past few years I’ve gained and lost

 Love ones, friends and just personal shit

 As I actually sit and write I hurt

 Only a few times in my life I’ve been truly happy

 Now all I wish to be is happy

 Inside I know who I am

But when I step in public

When I look in the mirror

When I get rejected

When I feel insecure

I lose all my confidence

That’s when I want my own identity

 I feel I am as confident as can be

But I always feel out of place

When people have something I wish I had

Or when I see someone else happy or in love

I lose myself

Because I deserve to be happy and to be in love

All I want is someone to come to me

Let me know I’m pretty and sexy

Let me know I do have a true identity


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