I Just Wanna Get It Right…{Old Poem}

I Just Wanna Get It Right

 When you’ve been through several obstacles

Rejection, heart brakes, depressions and abuse

Either emotionally, physically and mentally

It’s hard to find stability in yourself and life

Because you feel you’ve been cursed

You feel like that every time you try you end up

In another position you can’t get out of

Or dealing with another pain you really didn’t want to begin with

So you give up all around and all together

To pick up the an broken heart, the broken pieces or gain the courage

To start all over again is a big step

But when you know you want it you’ll go after it

The pain, tears, lies and arguing is all about of life and relationships

You go through all the scrubs, one-night stands, dates and men to get to

Mr. Right

If you don’t work for it or go through the pain you won’t appreciate it as much

And you won’t treat him, her or love how it’s suppose too

It takes a lot to get it but time will tell

Keep your faith

I’ve been hurt, torn to pieces, depressed, lied too and brought down

Now I’m trying to just get myself right

Let myself be comfortable again with trust

Let myself be comfortable with love, again

Trying not to be scared of letting go to find

Mr. Right

Because deep inside I know what I deserve

Now, I know “he” is in front of me

And when love is right in my face

I’ll know how to treat it

All I want to do is finally



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