Everything…{Old Poem}


You can look a million years to find a lover

But, the pain is something you’ll suffer

From your juicy lips to your wavy hair

From your muscular shoulders to your brown eyes

My heart is where my love for you lies

When, I looked in your eyes

I saw something I couldn’t deny

You turned my dark skies blue

You made me want to renew

I look in the sky and stars….

I find a comfort zone that I couldn’t find

That’s till I was held in your arms

My heart is your lucky charm

Your heart is something I want to claim

I’ve searched for this type of feeling before

In you is where I’ve been closest to find that feeling

There’s nothing nobody can do or say

That can change my feelings for you

The chemistry and flame between us is something we share

You are my rain drops and I am the sea

You are my relations and my connection to the sun

You are my sunlight who grows and who has grown so beautifully

The joy you bring to my life is crazy

Sometimes thinking about my love for you makes me want to cry

Your love is the truth

Your heart is mine

Your soul is coming to me just in time

Your love is something I adore

Your love is my cure

The strength in your love is speechless

My confidence I have for you is endless

My sympathy I give you is limitless

You and me equal greatness

You’re my happy in happiness

You’re my joy in joyness

You’re my angel in “love angel”

I don’t know how to explain you in too many ways

I can only say you’re my





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