Update {April 30th, 2012}

Hello my loves aka my readers!,

I’m happy to say that I’ve completed my book proposal and it felt damn good!!!!! I’ve been working on this book proposal very hard this past month because I had originally began one but wasn’t in the correct order plus the flow wasn’t there. It was just another step in the right direction and a boost of confidence with this book project. I have a long road ahead of myself with this book journey and I’m claiming that it will be successful not only because in my heart I can feel it but because of the feedback I’ve gained from this blog and people who have read my poetry in the past. I’ve never read poetry like that ever and I didn’t really have formal teaching with writing poetry besides my english class in school. So I’m very proud of myself and my poetry. It speaks to all walks of life and it inspires people in a positive light and that’s what my motive is for this book…inspire people. To completing the manuscript, completing my proposal and all the way to the publishing step in this process it’s a milestone that I can’t forget. There’s so much I’m aiming to do with this book that I just refuse to settle for anything besides the best. For everything I’ve been through and been told I honestly can’t settle with anything in life. There’s too many people wishing me to fail and wanting me to do the wrong thing that’s why I do what I do.

I’m currently looking for a job in my field of study…graphic design. I do take breaks because if you are looking for a job you know how frustrating it can be. I’m not doing this search along at all either. I have a few customers helping me and I’m emailing my career service lady about jobs I’m just trying from every perspective to get a full time job. I don’t job hunt every day and I try to keep a healthy balance because I’m the type to get frustrated very easily so I just decide not to stress myself more than I should. The way my brain works and the pressure that I put on myself I do get tired. People say I’m lazy or I’m not trying are some shit. I’m not sorry for saying it because I know in my heart and in myself that I go hard with everything I do and I couldn’t do more possibly to get to the level of success I’m striving to get. The pressures do become much to handle but I will continue to stand on my faith regardless how hard it feels. I cry when I feel under too much pressure and I think its human. People may not cry at the moment when something happens but if it hits them hard enough they will cry by themselves before going to bed, that’s a bet. Everyone is human and has emotions therefore people cry. I believe even the toughest people in the world cry or get watery eyes, lol. It’s just apart of life and being a human being ya know? I don’t look down on people who cry male or female. I think it’s okay to cry because afterwards you will feel a lot better than you did prior to that cry.

I’ve been working out and it feels amazing. I’m really trying to give it my all even when I don’t feel like working out. It’s hard to do but I know what my goals are. There are many distractions that pass me by everyday but I dodge them. I have several guys flocking me to get my number, have sex and wife me. But at this moment in life I need to focus on Shadreya. I haven’t put enough time into myself and that’s what I’m trying to do now is focus on myself. Do the things I need to do because I will be established by next year that’s why I’m preparing everything this year so that next year I can take off my careers. My brand has became a heavy interest of mind because I have so much I’m ready to step foot into but I need to brand all of it under my own brand. I have a logo already made but I am working on a second logo for my brand “Dreya Style”…I’m being creative as possible. I shall be looking into editors during May and take this publishing class =) yayyyy. By June I’m praying I will have an editor and send that off so by winter 2012 editing will be complete. It’s exciting because I see things falling into place slowly even though it seems so far away. Do what you passionate about and DREAM BIG. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming and going the distance.

Love, Peace and Honesty,



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