Can’t Be Bothered…

Can’t Be Bothered

I’ve tried to let my guard down

Soon as I do…

That’s when he start feeling himself

The pure asshole and arrogance comes out

That wall quickly goes back up

I just can’t be bothered


He left for 5 months

Comes back like nothing happened

Tells me he needed space

Like all the bullshit he pulls is fine

I just can’t be bothered


The bars around this heart is because of you

The fear of being hurt all over again

Pain in my heart and soul

Tears seems to always ease it all

I just can’t be bothered


Giving you the love I once never thought I could give after him

Letting you back in when you said you’d be here “forever”

Saying you love me

Telling me you coming up here

It’s bullshit to keep me holding on


The cries all night long

My heart singing that same old sad love song

Wishing we could just get along

Wishing I could understand your actions

I just can’t be bothered


There’s so much I wanted with you

I was willing to move for you

I was ready to settle down with you

You told me you was ready



There’s nothing more that I can’t stand

Than a liar

Someone who can’t hold onto their word

Someone who can’t hold me down

Someone who can’t just be real


If you can’t man the fuck up

Do what a real man is suppose too

Listen instead of talkin bullshit

Hurt me instead of making love to me

I can’t be bothered


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