Update {April 19th, 2012}…

Hello my loves aka readers,

I’m not even sure when the last time I’ve posted something on my blog but I felt it was time to post something to give you guys an update of what’s going on with me. I think last time I posted it was a few poems but it’s been crazy as usual for me. I’m still pushing this job hunt for a full time job with in the graphic design field or as a assistant somewhere to get out of retail. I’m still at Wegmans as a cashier part time until something better comes along. Alongside my hunt I’ve been tirelessly working on materials for my book. This book is my baby and I’ve been working in this thing since December 29th, 2010 so it will be two years in December 2012 I’ve been steady preparing my book to get published. I did my manuscript first and I’m still editing at this time looking to send it off very soon to a professional editor. Next month I will be going to a publishing class to help me decide on what kind of publishing to lean towards. I pray I get much from the class since it’s four hours and I’m confused on which route to take once the book is edit properly. Writing a book is a very long process and you must be dedicated to write the book. I honestly have taken breaks to be able to think about what I wanted in it. This journey has taught me more about dedication, networking and pushed me towards creativity. I’m a graphic designer so I am aiming to add some of that in the cover and the layout of my book. Poetry is not as hot a non-fiction, fiction, religion or self help book. I’m trying to be as original as I can be to make sure I stand out and able to pull in readers who wouldn’t typically read poetry. It’s a challenge but it’s something I’m passionate about doing to be able to touch lives.

In my heart I’ve been holding onto certain situations hoping individuals would comeback into my life and even though I was hurt in a situation too I’ve taken the step to reach out plus apologize for anything they felt I’ve done wrong. I’m the type to try to make amends because I have a conscience and I’m just an loving person so there for I try to make things right. But for those individuals I have reached out and I’m leaving both situations in God’s hands because I’ve done my part and from there HE’LL handle it now my heart is not heavy. Focus have been on making a lifestyle change as well because I’ve been more concerned with being healthy and getting more water in take to help me keep good shiny skin and it helps my hair so I drink water through out the day. On my breaks at work I’m trying to pull away from carbs/starch like breads (bagels…donuts…cookies) and instead eat fruit or parfait. Small things like that help me in the long run so slowly but surely I’m excited about seeing result in my energy level and weight loss. I’ve been trying to get back into the work out routine I’ve had and to days this week I’ve been doing 30 minuet work outs and I feel my energy getting boosted so I want to maintain this work out thing, I like it. I know I can do this because I’ve lost weight before but life really has been getting me but like I’ve told a few friends of mine this is a battle I’m ready to win. I pray all the time about it and I just ask God to help me along this journey. The ventures I’m trying to embark on requires me to be at my best physically so I want to nip this in the butt now so that when everything falls into place I’m ready! I’m not going to speak on what ventures exactly I’m very passionate about doing but I just want to advance in a way not even I expect. I want to do the unthinkable and reach for the impossible just to prove anything is possible through God and standing on your FAITH. I whole heartedly believe God places talents in our lives to create purpose within us.

I’m talking to a few guys and there’s one particularly I want to get to know deeper and see what’s the potential we have. I feel new to the “dating” thing only because my life as been about “B” the past three years and I’m finally broke away from that situation. This guy is not a typical guy I’d go for but in my eyes I just think he’s handsome and with time I think he can be something. I only open up to people once I know where the situation is going and the motives so I’m still filling him out to so where his head is but I stop talking to him for a day or few days and he takes notice of it. Plus I think I care just a little and I don’t want to seem pressed so I try not to do “too much” I know I can do that lol so I mean it’s fresh. My energy is all going towards working on my brand and my legacy. I have a new logo idea in my head for “Dreya Style” under Dreya Style I’m hoping to have under my belt each venture I do. These days you must do more than one thing to truly make money. I honestly want to dip into everything I possible can. I’ve always wanted more than one income to maintain the lifestyle I deserve. I already know how much house I want (square feet) and bedrooms etc, lol. Where I’m not to sure but I’ve been wanting to go south for the last few years like Georgia to build a house to have my family plus able to entertain for holidays so I’m just trying to become “established” within the next two to three years hard to live out my dreams completely. Not everyone lives but I plan to do so. My grandmother has opened my eyes and I want to take advantage of ALL MY RESOURCES and just keep GOD by my side. Thanks for reading and keep reading my blog! I will be posting poems very soon! MUAHHHHHH!!!!

Love, Peace && Honesty,



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