Random Thoughts {April 12th, 2012}….

Hey my loves aka my readers,

Today started out kind of rough and I just felt like blah! I was really reading into negativity and things I’m unhappy with which is very few but it was weighing heavy on my mind this morning. But this afternoon I picked up my spirit by listening to “Go Get It” by Mary Mary their new banger I must say! That song just put me in the spirit to get things done so I began to do my laundry and do some cleaning. After I got busy with my resume which is something I’ve been working on like everyday, smh. Then I began to do research about writing a proposal for my book. I thought about changing my title for my book from Love, Peace and Honesty: This Is Me to Love, Peace and Honesty: My Testimony. I’m not sure which would people prefer more and I kind of like “This is Me” more but I feel like this book is my testimony over all and I’m putting my testimony into a book to share with the world. So if you have any thoughts on which sounds better, let me know! I’m excited about the book coming out as well as transforming my life so that I can fulfill all that I dream of. I think the most important thing for me with the book concerning is my book being embraced the way I want and accepted the way I need it to be. My base is for the young audience so that they can understand it’s okay to be who they are and that life will test you but don’t give into it. You can live in the world but not be of the world. It’s okay to say “no” and it’s okay to be different. There’s a fire with passion behind my drive for this book that I want to show through out the whole book from the cover to the contents. It’s a very long process to publish and write a book. I want it to do very well commercially and even locally. It’s a bang to me so I just need it be accepted like that a “bang”. Queen BeyRedefining my style is also a focus of mine. I have a very bold, goofy, playful and Diva swag. I want to have that all come through my fashion statement and be able to take the word DIVA to my own level. I’m a diva in my own right. How I got the name “DIVA”. I think it began with a customer honestly telling me how I come across as a Diva then people in my family and my close friends all began to notice the Diva coming out. I do have tendencies to have my diva side come out when I don’t mean to do so but its in me. Its been in me for awhile and now that it’s apart of my swag I see it when I look at my pictures when I was younger. I’m a Diva because of my confidence and how I carry myself along side my friends or amongst females in general. I can be myself at all cost and I just know who I am regardless who comes around. I think its beautiful with someone can just be who they are and not care how people take it, that’s confidence. Two people who currently just carry confidence very well in my eyes is Beyonce and Rihanna. I love Beyonce and anyone who knows me can tell you Beyonce is my ace but Rihanna I’ve grown to fall in love with her style. Rihanna to me just don’t care but also is about her money. Them two are great and I just think they rock confidence in a major way especially living in the lime light. I’m putting more focus on my physical side and just enhancing my beauty. I’m a beautiful, thick and curvy woman and I embrace it very well. Applying my style and redefining it I’m excited about. I’ve changed a great deal the past two to six years I must show it. This is my transformation stage and I’m about to embrace it. ❤

Love, Peace and Honesty,





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