This Is Me…{Poem…OLD}

This Is Me

Bold, unique, understanding, and kind hearted, true

Special, friendly, intelligent, elegant and true self

All of these words describe me but check this…

I’m emotional

I’m very fragile

When it comes to those I love, don’t play with me

I take my education to heart

It’s the only way I’ll gain more smarts

I’m not perfect; I’ll never claim to be

There’s so much in this world I don’t know

There’s things about myself I’m changing

I’m always evolving for a better self

I don’t envy people I embrace them

I can call a woman beautiful, sexy, talented and gorgeous

And still feel as lovely as I am

Confidence is key to beauty

Love is me

Lust is captivate when I see sexy men

Sex is something I crave

I’m human, a woman with needs and satisfaction is key

Looks do mean something to me

But in order to capture this heart

God must play a part

That’s where it all starts

Singing is my heart, began that young

Designing is my hustle, passion when doing it because it’s an creative outlet

Writing cleanses my body…sets my emotions free

I’m finally at a place in life I can finally see

And I can finally say this is me


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