Something True…{poem…old}

Something True

My soul, body and spirit is full of love

My heart is empty

When I fell in love I thought it was true

The pain that was headed my way I had no clue

I’m respectful, kind, loving and giving

I need something to compliment that

Someone to tell me I’m doing well

When you prove yourself your whole life

Or try to show you can do well

It gets tiring

When people doubt you

People tell you your nothing and never will be

It hurts

When you criticized over and over about things

You have no control over

It hurts

You get tired of people and their mouths

It’s annoying

When you go to bed with tears

And wake up with fears

It’s scary

When you pray to God for answers

And he makes way for you

When he brings blessings into your life

It makes you happy

When pain is all you know

In one way or another all you pray for is

Something True


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