Never Settle…{POEM…OLD}

Never Settle

The fighter in me just won’t stop

I’ll do what I have to to get to the top

They tell me no

But my heart says yes

I was always told to dream

In God I trust and believe

There’s always a test

Just to see am I at my best

Life keeps me on my toes

But wherever the wind blows

I will go

Even if its out of my comfort zone

God doesn’t always give me what I want

Exactly when I want

But he always on time

What I want may not always be what I need

What I understand is HE’LL give me what HE knows I need

Important thing is to be patient

Out of all I’ve been through and have watched others experiences

With this thing called LIFE

I’ve learned that you can’t rush anything

You just can’t do nothing either

If you have dreams, pursue them, Live LIFE

Just never settle


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