Afraid To Love…{Poem…Old}

Afraid To Love

Every touch of yours

Every kiss of yours

Every hug of yours

Makes me want you even more

Never have I been the one-nightstand type

That’s just not my flow

I want you and you only you

I’ve been a close to love

Real close to it

So close I fell deep

I lost myself in love

If I couldn’t have him

I wasn’t satisfied

I got my heart chopped up and chewed

Then spitted out

Everything froze when I got hurt by love

Everybody I trusted after him

Seem to only want to hurt me

Knowing what and who is real to what they say

Is hard to do because everyone claims to be “real”

But when situations come

When it comes down to being there for Dreya

Only few I can truly say will be there

I want you to be one of those “real” ones

But honestly it’s hard call when there’s so much shady things in my mind

I want to be the real deal

But I know it’s not time at all

Life is not fair

That’s why what I hear, I can’t always believe

Actions always speak louder

I’m 100% right now and always am

I want you, I like you and I’m feeling you

But this needs to go deeper but how do you so when

I’m afraid to love?


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