Update {March 30th, 2012}…

Hello my beautiful readers,

This week has been very productive as far as looking into editors and trying to get more active with this new lifestyle for my own personal journey with weight loss. I also made a choice to step back away from someone who I’ve been in love with off and on for the past three years and I just got tired of certain things that my heart couldn’t handle anymore so I just took a stand. I honestly don’t like talking about the situation with people because of the circumstance which would be that I love him deeply, there’s an amount of distance between us that pretty much makes the situation stressful and we’re young. I tried as hard as I could in the situation to understand anything and everything he felt plus I took a chance of flying to see him which I’ve never done with any guy I’ve been involved with to prove my love to him as well as be willing at one point to move to MS to begin a life together this is when I was madly in love with him and didn’t care who thought that. Naive and selfish but I didn’t care. Do I have any regrets? No not at all because he reintroduced love to my heart and brought me through some situations well he just was there at times I needed him. He was the first younger guy I became attracted to so quickly and became very close to in a short amount of time. Besides that he gave me that southern hospitality I’ve always dreamed about and that sweetness I adored. There are things that I miss dearly every day about him but I can’t continue this pattern we’ve gained and what I’m yearning for is not what he’s giving me. Therefore I must move on and if that bridge comes across my path I’ll deal at that point.

April I will be editing my book once again, I kind of feel like I’ve read this a million times, lol. But I want to try and cut it to 8 chapters plus take out poems that I feel I can remove. I also will be checking out my competition and what’s on the market right now to help me think of ideas to stand out from the rest. Building up my cliental, readers and a strong base is a focus of mine too. This book is VERY important to me because I feel it’s time for America to take a close look at our younger society and how our choices/judgements are affecting the youth. My concern is growing everyday more and more because of all that’s going on especially killings, shootings, teens taking to YouTube to ask if they’re beautiful or just crazy injustice situations happening everyday to young people. Our youth is being killed rapidly and it’s scary to be honest. I just think my timing for this book is perfect and I hope it will get attention the way I know in my heart it should. Advertising and marketing ideas I’m stratergizing every day and thinking of new ways to gain readers. I know it will take time in order for people to know who I am and take notice of what I’m trying to do. But I know my mission and I’m committed to do what I said I would. I look forward to the day I open my camp and get to know young girls story of struggle with self identity, confidence and battle with weight loss. I want to open dialog about this because I believe there’s more pressure to look a certain way and be a certain way in today’s society…I’m here to say BE YOU. ALSO let’s not stop momentum with the Trayvon Martin case and the passion behind this case is a strong one so let’s make this a MOVEMENT. Let justice prevail and have God have his way through all injustice in our country. Rest in paradise TRAYVON ❤ Let’s stop killing ourselves and our young generation.



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