Random Thoughts/Update…

Hello my loves aka my readers!,

I’ve been so busy with family and trying to get my freelance stuff off the ground these days I haven’t been able to post on my blog lately! But there’s been so much going within this society and I just think it’s so sad with the highest of highs we’ve experienced with the election of our president we have came a long way since MLK days. BUT we have an innocent 17 year old kid Trayvon Martin who gets gun down by an self appointed neighborhood watch guy George Zimmerman. The story breaks my heart because I was listening to the tape of Trayvon crying and yelling for help! An innocent African American kid with SKITTLES and a pack of ice tea. HOW IN THE WORLD DOES THAT COMPARE TO A GUN??? It doesn’t. I just pray justice is served for Trayvon because he was innocent and the whole situation is WRONG. My grandmother who everyone knows is my heart and she’s my second mom, she’s been sick and in the hospital. Doctors at the hospital didn’t think she’d make it and just had no faith. I knew my grandmother would beat the ammonia because she’s a strong woman. I don’t say it because she’s my grandmother I say it because God is in her spirit and her soul. She’s a woman I pray I become half to be because she’s that strong and amazing as a woman. She comes home tomorrow and I just hope she continues to become healthier, God showed out and let his blessing fall upon my family. I honestly don’t think it was nobody but Jesus looking over her while going through this situation.

I’ve finally got my second deck of business cards. They are very simple but I needed them terribly! Nothing special yet. I’m trying to really focus on my freelance and my book. As well as look for a job in the mix. I’m truly pushing until something happens and I won’t give up till something comes through and even then I have so much to blossom into as a business woman and a woman in general! But I’ve made me a logo and I will keep making it better as time goes on but it’s simple and most importantly it’s ME! God blessed me with this software and these talents, I’m getting to work heavy. This year is about becoming established and pushing nothing less than that. My heart is into becoming the woman I see myself and that’s successful nonetheless. When you have a dream, a mission and passionate about it you don’t give up AT ALL and that’s EXACTLY how I feel everyday I wake up. I look at incredible woman like Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Oprah, Queen Latifah, LaLa and so many more live out their dreams and each day try to change other people lives and live out theirs. That’s what I see for myself at the end of the day. That’s what I will be…God is good and I know he knows my heart better than anyone else, he knows how serious I am about touching lives and my mission I hold in my heart for all those girls without that voice telling the world “I’m beautiful too”. My mission is not about just me, it’s about those who don’t have the abilities that I have to voice their pain hurt and struggle. It’s all real! Continue to read my updates….I’M EDITING THE BOOK STILL. ❤




here are links to the Trayvon case:





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