Random Thoughts…{3.14.2012}

Hey my loves also known as my readers!,

I’ve been very focused on being a brand, working on my logo, ways to advertise myself and just thinking of the things I want to do in the long run. I’ve thought of new things I want to do in the future within different ventures after I’m established. I want to be able to open doors for other woman and influence women just like myself because I feel as if there’s many females like me who don’t see us out there and I know it’s a heavy load to carry but I’m ready to WORK. I’m not satisfied at Wegmans and I need to make changes. I’m working on my appearcance more these days and just trying to focus on myself. Keeping the ball rolling because I have certain goals for myself far as finding a job in my field, my book getting edited and moving out next year. I would like to get at least two to three incomes rolling by the end of the year so I can be able to hold my bills down and then some. I don’t want to work just to pay bills although SALLIE MAE keeps contacting me about my loans, like I can afford to pay that on a PART TIME INCOME, let’s be real. But I know I need bank in order to do the things I wish to do within the next two to three years. Branding and expanding myself are my focus. I don’t want to just stay on the same level nor in the same career my whole life because life has too much to offer to just be stuck in one spot your whole life. So recently I’ve been thinking about just being able to work for myself, my own hours and my flow. Almost like a celebrity! Lol. People tell me I’m close enough to the status anyway so hey why not live the life almost like a celebrity. I honestly don’t want the paparazzi in my face with cameras because I can tell its annoying but I want to be able to touch lives and travel like a celebrity.

My grandmother has ammonia and she’s been admitted into the hospital which is bad because of her age and her condition. I pray she just gets better quickly! My grandmother is my rock so I need her to make a quick recovery. She’s been through so much within the past year and I been scared a few times for her because things haven’t been look good at all times, it’s almost like a roller coaster! But I know God got her. Besides my grandmother my mind has been on someone who I’ve blogged about previous before…BCJ. I’m not sure what it is that just won’t leave my system about him but I’m honestly kind of annoyed because I know at this time we can’t be. We’re both at two different places in our lives and I don’t want to wait for him to grow up more. He’s turning 21 this month and I’m excited because he’ll be even more legal, lol. I’m older than him so I be feeling old at times, lol. He’s my babe though and I know I love me some BCJ regardless who comes in my life, I wish I could spend his birthday with him and I was suppose to go down to see him but things have been so hectic the past few months and so I haven’t been able to make that trip down to Mississippi. I want too! He has so much potential, I believe in his talents and I think once he experience life he’ll begin to see things more of how I do. He know he’s hurt me several times and it’s more reasons of why I’m in the position I’m in at this moment. I already had a terrible experience prior with Alan I refuse to go through bullshit with my next relationship especially when we grown. I just don’t have time for anything or anyone who is not a positive energy and not helping me become a better me. I’m not sure what it is between us but what I do know is that my heart is on the fence…muah #DIVA

Love, Peace and Honesty!,



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