My past keeps echoing in my mind

The thoughts I try to deny

I’m growing up and maturing

Now I gotta do my thing

I’ve counted on people for far too long

Crying and dreaming is just the same

I need some changes

Love I found in you

But the pain I thought would never come from loving you

I want to do what I want to do

I want to do what lovers do

When you hold me I’m alright

You make my life bright

But it’s all different now

I think I need some changes

Thickness is my name

But I can’t stand the pain

I think I gotta lose all this thickness I’ve gained

I love who I am

I’ll never change

But it’s time to do Dreya’s thing

I’m gonna get it right

And get it tight

It’s only right

A new me is what I see

I think it’s time for some changes


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