Random Post…{February 26th, 2012}

Hello my loves aka my readers,

God is GOOD and all the time God is GOOD. Within the past two months I’ve experienced some extreme lows and trickling down into this month I’ve been able to gain some highs. I’ve been able to smile because God was able to bless me with the software I needed badly and I was able to get the ipad 2 so I’m blessed and I am working mode to keep the ball rolling because I know God makes NO mistakes and HE places things in our lives for a reason and that we shouldn’t ignore those blessings he gives. So I will be working stead fast on material for freelancing, my book and possibly looking into school again because I’m feeling myself getting bored. I love school and I value an education so why stop? So I’ve been thinking about going back to school heavily. For what? I’m not too sure because I don’t know what way to go for my next degree should I continue my education in Graphic design OR begin a new journey to further my writing skills. I’m most def pursuing something in writing regardless because this book is going to be published and I can feel it in my soul it’s going to be huge. I am putting in the work and I will find the best editor and publisher for my book. I have so much I want this book to do so God will help me decide what to do.

Lately, I’ve been just digging into myself, my soul and my heart to be the BEST ME. I feel I need to challenge myself and keep going to advance myself in life, love and GOD. God is working on me and I can feel HE has so much in stores for me regardless how impatient I am, he is holding me down. I’m so hungry for a change, I just need something soon to just completely change my circumstances and life in a positive way because I believe I deserve it. But I will work for what I rightfully deserve and what God has for me is most definitely for me! Positivity is in my veins and I love it. It’s the God in ME! ❤

Love, Peace and Honesty,



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