From The Heart…

From The Heart

It’s like a newborn baby with a smile

But instead I’m fully grown and I’m in love

As these tears fall down my cheeks

I feel this pain, which follows

How did I get like this?

How did I let this love be allowed?

How did I allow my guard to fall?

Now, that I let this love enter

Your where my heart and love centers

The tenderness of your voice

Give me butterflies

It feels like they go high almost to the sky

I’ve always wanted a love

A supporter, a gangsta, a helper and someone who understands me

That kind of love

From the start I knew, I would go through something different

Something I never experienced or had before

As we came together

My heart thumbs sounded harder

Deeper thoughts of love came to mind

I began to think this is a love I found

All I need is his sound

All I need is his whisper

To start feeling again

I rely on my heart and I rely on GOD

To let this love blossom

To let this love unravel

To let this love come to light from inside

From the heart


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