Random Thoughts…{2.16.2012}

Hello my loves aka my readers,

Lately I’ve been trying to stay more low key and just dig deeper than I’ve ever have in the past to become just a better woman. Today I was able to talk to complete strangers about my goals and my book. I felt happy to discuss my own dreams and I could only imagine how damn good it’s going to feel to make this DREAM into my REALITY. I’m just so passionate about doing what I love and just doing all that I said I would. If you know me you’d know that I am reaching the stars with all that I dream to do. I am so focused on my dreams I don’t want to put any energy into guys, relationships or that kind of stuff because I’ve learned it’s an distraction. I want to become establish and be in my prime because I’d be in my element and where I want to be. It’s going to take A LOT to get to where I see myself but I’m so ready for whatever it takes. Life is just exciting you know? I’m ready to just live and do what is necessary to become successful in all that I plan to do as a woman, business woman and DIVA that I am. I am called Diva. Diva I’d say is my alter ego because she is so outspoken, don’t care, do what she wants and just that go getter. In reality I’m very shy at times but Diva is who I am a good amount of the time and I call Diva my swag.

Below is a video Ms. Fantasia was speaking on Whitney Houston and how people talk about each other, judge each other and put each other down. She spoke on how she understands how celebrities lose their families and turn to “other” things for comfort and honestly you can’t help but understand. You don’t know what celebrities go through everyday and being in the spotlight. We only see what’s going on from the outside and no clue about hat’s going on inside. Whitney Houston was a God fearing woman who soul was saved and you knew just of how she talked and sung with so much heart that she loved God. No matter what she was going through I can say that I’m happy she’s finally in peace because for years she’s been fighting her demons and trying to become closer with God. Her impact that she left on this earth is one that nobody else can ever leave behind. If I can do half of what she has accomplished as a woman I’d be happy. I admire her strength and the way she carried herself regardless of how people looked at her or judged her, nobody knew her shoes. Therefore how can we judge her? Drugs, alcohol or whatever how do we judge her? I might not have known her personally but I was rooting for Whitney’s comeback. I just knew this year she would come back because she is apart of Sparkle, talking about doing “Waiting To Exhale 2” and an album. It was so much to hope for and who knows what kind of breakthrough she could of had if she would of made her comeback. I don’t why it just feels so unreal when I haven’t ever met this amazing woman. Maybe it’s because I grew up with her music and believed Whitney is an icon for those who love music and singing. I hope that someone who has an addiction to anything learns from celebrities like Whitney, Michael or anyone that you can break that addiction no matter what people say. We will always love you WHITNEY HOUSTON

Love, Peace and Honesty!,



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