I Just Want To Be Free…

I Just Want To Be Free


To be all that I can be

Achieve my dreams and more

Singer, graphic designer, clothing line owner, producer, song writer,

spokeswoman and model

Do more than him, her, he, she and them

Thought I couldn’t

Get away from the lames, games and unbelievers

Get away from the pain, bull, tears and harm

I can be who I am without being judged

Because being free you’ll only be loved


Go to a level of free where haters are gone

Go to a level of free where you can be worry free

Let go of the hate

Let go of the crimes

Let go of the disrespect

Let people be who they are

Let people live their lives

Sometimes, I just feel so in distrust

Because black people can be so jealous

People can be so cruel



And to me it’s just unnecessary

At times it’s even scary

I pray to go to another level

I pray to be better

I try to do right

Because I’m not like the rest

I just want to be free


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