The crazy thing about this is that Thursday I was jamming to her music while cleaning my room up and just truly enjoying her music. Whitney Houston is an icon and legend if you know anything about music. I have grown up with music and always wanted Whitney to make an BIG come back. I enjoyed her last album “I Looked To You” which was an incredible album in itself. Might I add she looked amazing. If I learned anything from Whitney and her life it’s to never give up and keep family 1st. I’m still in shock and its fresh still. I don’t want to hear anything about her drug use or anything negative because none of that matters anymore, she’s in paradise with our heavenly father. I’ve seen so many disrespect her and it disgust me because Bobbi Kristina has lost her mother, Bobby Brown has lost his EX wife, Cissy has lost her daughter and we have lost “THE VOICE” of pop, The queen of Pop.  I couldn’t imagine losing either of my parents or anyone close to me so I can’t even begin to place myself within Bobbi Kristina’s shoes. Be respectful and show some compassion to Whitney. Lately, I’ve been examining myself and taking a step back from everything to look at myself outside of everything to reconnect to who I use to be and it’s been a great process. It’s helping me in many ways to see myself in a different light and work on myself inside and out. Things that I’ve messed up with I am trying to just take a step in the right direction because we on live once. I can’t go back to my past but I can try to fix my present to create a peaceful and joyful future ❤

Love, Peace and Honesty!!!!!,



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