Update…{Feb 8, 2012}

Hello my loves aka my readers!!!,

Today I just kind of went through a roller coaster of emotions and to be honest I’ve felt this way for the past few weeks. As I said prior I’ve been going through so much and my stress level has been crazy trying to figure out how to get a car because we have a rental at the moment. I believe a rental will be in my life for longer than we thought but hey it’s a way to get back and forth. Today I just wanted to post some poems from the BOOK. For those just catching up I’m in the mix of re-editing my book I’m trying to get published. The title of my book will be Love, Peace and Honesty: This is ME…I’m unsure of when it will published right now but editing will be my focus from now until this summer and by August I would like to have a literary editor read over my work and help make this book outstanding. I don’t want to put out a book just to say “hey I published my book”. No no no, I’m ready to make this into a mission of empowerment for woman and girls of all ages. I want to live in the NOW and make some big moves so that females can feel empowered and be confident to become business woman and have careers. I want woman to learn how to respect themselves, they’re bodies and learning how to just cope with their past as well as who they truly are inside and out. Many woman struggle with identity, skin tone and being secure in their skin. That is part of why I’m writing my book to help females gain back their self-eestem, confidence and be confident in their own sexiness. Plus know that its okay to be cocky when you feel you have a swag and a umph about you. Not everyone will rock with you when you begin to be proud of who you are because they want you to be insecure and don’t want you to like who you are. Those are the people you cut out of your life and don’t deserve you in general. Time is money. Be aware of your surroundings and who you talk too, it affects you.

The past few days I’ve been thinking about branding and different ways to make “Dreya” a brand. I am very talented so that being said I want to make everything I do something big. I don’t want to sound cocky or full of myself but I’ve been told several times “Your meant to be someone”…so I am working towards these goals. Let me reassure you that I am not doing anything for FAME. Fame causes different reactions some good and some bad. I don’t want paparazzi around me at all times or flashing cameras 24/7. To be known for my positivity, my mission and my brand is what I want. My goal and aim is to touch lives at the end of the day so if it brings fame so be it but I won’t feed into it like other people. I do wish to live comfortably and be able to take care of mine meaning my family for one who have been there for me like no other and show my friends who as well been looking out for me since the beginning. I plan to make an impression on society and make them think differently about girls just like ME!

Love, Peace and Honesty,




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