The Reason…

 The Reason…

Why did you love him?

It’s a question everyone ask me

I say I don’t know

But, I know

He was my other half

He was the only one who understood me

To be honest I’m fucked up without him

I am going crazy right now

My heart is caught up

My past haunts my future

All I know is him

I’m a fool for his love

I do believe God knew what he was doing when we put us together from above

He’s the only dude who I’ll push and shove to love

I felt comfortable with him

It felt so natural and pure to love him

It’s one reason why I miss being with him

Back to the purpose though

I love him because he was my first

I understand a lot more because of him

He taught me a lot just through hurting me

But I’m happy my experiences was with him

He was gentle and kind towards my insecurities

He was understanding when I everyone was on my back about shit

There’s a lot that’s lost inside and locked up

Only because I’m scared of his reaction

But one day I see us together again

I guess I gotta see him as a friend

When you’ve been through a lot

And you love hard so it hurts more

I still passionately love him

I’m just putting all my feelings in a bottle

I’m protecting everything

I can’t lose him or forget about him

As much as I want him and want to make him love again

But I can pray and slowly move to the next

Unless this is only a test


My heart is on the line

My heart always gets hurt more than anything esle

As much as I don’t want to hurt I do

I think all this is for a reason

Until the reason coms to light I’ll hold on tight

I’ve been waiting and I still am

But he’s my reason

He is my love

He’s the reason

The reason I love


One comment

  1. 4valentines4words4poetry4you · February 8, 2012

    your life is words spoken from the heart
    your love is aching from deep within
    of love which meant so much
    but wasnt meant to be
    a testing time of love truth and feelings we see
    and of your past memories.

    dont give up and dont feel sad
    those dark clouds will lift and you will be glad
    as this was a test sent from heaven above
    to prepare you and get you ready
    when you find true love

    the past will be nothing
    when he smiles at you one day
    your heart will beat in a special way
    your eyes will light up and guide you to him
    then your romance will be heavenly

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