Every time I close my eyes I see you

Thinking about the 1st time we met

My heart pounding

My hands sweating

My love racing


Seeing your face brightened my night

Thinking about you makes me think about our chemistry

But, now it see seems like history

Every day I talk to you and I care for you deeper

I know you’re my baby and a keeper


I felt ease when you hugged me

I felt good when you touched me

Even, though I didn’t stare into your eyes

Glancing into them, I can tell you’re gorgeous


I was waiting for a kiss but, I guess it wasn’t the time

I know one these days you’ll be mine

Can’t no one be that fine

Everything we want and everything we have is precious

But, rejection is in me & I got to keep conscious


You made me feel speechless

…this is an old poem. I’m editing the book and I just want to tease and give a glimpse of what is featured in the book. I’m debating is I want to add recent poems to the book or not. Or just save the new ones for another book….I’m not sure but it’ll come to me in due time.

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