Random Thoughts…

Hello my loves aka my readers,

Since turning 23, I’ve been trying to get out of this cycle that I’ve been in the past few years aka RETAIL and I’m looking at life differently than I ever have before. I’m more so interested in living in the NOW and making moves. I don’t want to be still or just be satisfied with how things are because truth be told I know that in life everyone has a purpose and a deed to fulfill. So at this very moment I’m so interested in becoming a brand and finding new ventures to become a known name. I’m into settling and I honestly don’t think I ever will. I am always looking to push the limits, new ways of doing things, what I can do to separate myself from every one else and just forever changing who I am as a person and a woman over all. The past month and I’ve even continued it into February my “self reflection”. I’m nowhere near perfect and I know that I need to work on things inside and out. So I’ve been taking a step back from the social life and doing things how I use to do it before technology became a dominate force in my life. I’m writing in my diary which is where I began writing my poetry and I’m releasing all my anger, frustrations, confessions and just personal thoughts out on paper. It’s my no judgement zone. This month my focus is my book. Getting back on track with re-editing since I now know what I need to change well a glimpse of what I need to begin to change for my book. My book is my baby and honestly I want it to be as personal, different and as much as me as possible. I have a mission for my book which is to impact lives and I also just want to talk to real people with my poetry. It’s hard to be so settle about this because I’m excited to have people read my book but it has to be presented and given to the public in a proper manner. It’s an exciting feeling because everyone keeps asking me about my book, people are curious what it will be about and all that I will touch on in my book. Everyone knows I write poetry but nobody knows the mass of topics and depth I’m speaking of in my book. I want to provoke feelings, create moods, hit a nerve and make people think outside the box for once. I want the young girls to finally have someone to say “She went through the same thing I’m going through”…and I want to go into schools and libraries to have personal conversations with young girls because they are the ones who matter to me personally. There is so much I want to do and the book is just the beginning. I’m not going to get to in depth because I truly want this branding thing to set off this year so all I can say is…Stay tuned folks!

Love, Peace and Honesty,



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