Carry Me Through…{NEW Poem}

Carry Me Through…

I know my purpose

It took me some time to finally figure  out my true purpose

But in my heart, my soul and mind

I’m ready to show the world

I’m an achiever


Right now I feel pretty hopeless

My dreams are real

But reality seems to always set in

As I’m walking with my head high

Tears are falling from my eyes

The pain in my heart from this sadness

On top of that my unhappiness


I try to maintain my positivity

Day in and day out I pray

God has blessed me with these talents

I know he wouldn’t just do nothing about it

My heart is passionate about sharing my talents

The fighter in me won’t give up

No lie it does get tough


At this time I feel as if the walls are closing in

My spirits are being tested

The devil is trying to invade what God has planned for me

But I know God is holding me down

He wouldn’t places these blessings in my life

Just for nothing


I refuse to give up

This is my life

I control my dreams

I’m determined to succeed

I’m a fighter, a winner and achiever

He holds my hand even when I’m down

I can’t do this at all possibly on my own

All I ask is for God to carry me through


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