Update {February 5.2012}…

Hello my loves aka my readers!,

Lately I’ve been going through so much and I pretty much felt like I was a mess. I have gone to church for the past three weeks back to back and I do feel like it’s done more than justice because I feel back to myself. Not finding a job and two car accidents within one month has got me pretty down and out. I’m not completely sure what will happen in the next few weeks but I know one thing for sure I need a few miracles to happen. I do feel more together at this point and I’m in thinking mode because I need to make some serious moves within 2012. I can’t let these situations at this moment let me forget about all my hard work, my dreams and where in my heart, soul and mind know I’m headed. I’ve been through a lot in my life and I’m the only one who can make my dreams comes true. I’m deciding to put all my focus and energy into my book to get my foot in the door. FInding a job I will continue to do but stressing over not finding something I’ve been doing for the past 7 or 8 months and it’s frustrating. I will have to make my money by doing freelance and just find a way to do things on my own terms. I’ve been down and I do feel like it’s time for a big come back in some kind of way. I will be standing on my faith and walking with God to figure this journey out to get to the level of success I see myself.

I go by Dreya and I don’t believe in one income. I love money and I know with my taste buds I need not one or two incomes more like four to five different checks rolling in to live the way I wish to live and do all the thing I dream to do. I want to be legendary and leave a strong, powerful and heartfelt legacy for the kids in the inner cities who are told “you can’t” or the girl who is a shade darker than everyone else she knows. My heart goes out to those who go hungry every night and those who don’t have clean water to drink. I dream to be a graphic designer, spokeswoman, writer, author and a achiever. I won’t speak to much of what my true goals are because those are really personal but I want to impact lives in a way even I have never dreamed. Placing smiles on faces, making other children’s dreams come true and helping woman find themselves are all apart of my dream as well as my legacy at the end of the day. I want to some how with in this year and next make the impossible, possible. There’s nothing I can’t do, I just have to put my mind too it. I got this, I got this…


Love, Peace and Honesty,



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