I’m Back…{Update}…

I been gone for a minuet but I’m back with the jump off,

Hello my beautiful readers! That line is from Lil Kim’s song “Jump Off” and I love using it, lol. Gosh so much has been going on and I honestly don’t know where to start. What I can say is that 2012 has already been rough for me and it’s only the 31st of January…one month in. I posted a video from Tyler Perry which inspired me not to give up and keep pushing because once you stop pushing it means you give up. I personally believe that I’m too talented just to give up and that it will take much time to get to the level of success I see myself at. My personal goal is to become established within 2012-2013 to be able to start making the big moves I have in sight and in my mind. I’m not happy with my current job and honestly I think you can see it. I tolerate it at the moment because it’s a pay check but I am too passionate about my purpose in life to just tolerate anything in life. So my mind is just working over time to get up out this job situation. I’ve been with this company 3 years going on 4 and I can honestly say within this past year I have been unhappy with the management and attitudes put forward in my department and its taken an affect on how I feel about my job overall. When your around people who are just pure fake, two faced and want to be mean towards you its not a good look and I’m just SICK of it all. I’m bored and I’m frustrated with the job itself. Everyday I go in with a clear mind and go out feeling like “damn I just need a job”. It’s crazy and I try to just focus on doing my job because I don’t want to rub my attitude off on my customers and I have regular customers which warms my heart. But please keep praying for me I truly am putting in work to find another job with benefits and salary pay.

During this time I’ve had so much support from my family and friends. I just truly want to give them a shout out…its rough going through all that I am but I will say that they make it much easier for me to get through these hard times when I feel like I’m a mess. It warms my heart to know that even at my worst they know how to pick me up and they look out for me every minuet ❤ I’ve gone through many friendships but I believe I’ve found my true friends that are here to stay. Some I talk to everyday and some I don’t but I know they are my true friends =) great feeling!


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