Update {1.16.2012}…

Hey world! My lovely readers,

    I’m not sure how long it’s been but I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written a post. At this moment my mind is thinking about everything from my life, my situations, my happiness and living. I’m not into settling and I never will be. I just finished watching Beyonce’s dvd “4” and I’ve had it for awhile but I just watched it, lol. Watching Beyonce always just confirms that I am working towards the right thing and my legacy is what’s most important out of this thing called “life”. I am a very HUGE Beyonce fan and one day I’ll write a post explaining why I love Beyonce but just know it’s been years I’ve been rocking with Beyonce. It’s a personal goal of mine to meet Beyonce, one day. But seeing her living her life, producing her videos, directing her videos and just doing the damn thing just kinda showed me that I can do it all regardless of the odds. At the moment I’m looking for a job in my field which if you are looking for a job within your field you know it gets very frustrating and hard. Everyday I’m doing about 3 to 4 resume’s and applications to get out of retail and begin doing this I’m longing to do. 2012 is my year to breakthrough and shine the way I’m suppose to and it’s also about becoming established for myself and those around me. I have some personal goals I’m anxious to achieve but I know first step is another job, salary pay and benefits. I refuse to stay in retail because its not my dream to stay in retail and I feel like as much talent that I have I’m suppose to be doing more.

     Today is one of my favorite singers birthday and she is my main inspiration in life as well. Aaliyah Diana Haughton who passed away on August 25th, 2001. Aaliyah to me is just someone who was very humble, a mystery and gorgeous as a human being. She was very passionate about what she did and she wanted to be remember as an entertainer and in my eyes she fulfilled her dreams. I still listen to babygirl and I still know her lyrics. If you listen to Aaliyah you know exactly what I mean. My life is in God’s hands and I’m passionate about everything I do. I’m at a age where I’m in control of everything and I know I’m at a breaking point with my job situation and I’m at an edge that I really am beginning to become uncomfortable with. There’s nothing like doing what you love and exceeding what you expected to do. I can see myself behind a computer creating visual solutions for clients companies, logos and print materials for they’re businesses. It’s a great feeling knowing you can create thing people see in their heads and you can do things that people can’t but make them happy. I also wish to work more on my book this week. I’ve kinda left the book thing alone to focus on finding a job. I need to do some changes with my book so I think this week I’ll put more focus onto my book. My book is going to be an impact on society and I’m excited of what people will say and feel. My goal for my book is to be sure that people understand that everyone is human, say what you mean and mean what you say and live life to the fullest. I want my book to be exactly what I am bold, beautiful and amazing! Love, Peace and Honesty will touch lives. I know it will because I’ve already claimed it and people have already told me it’s going to leave people thinking. That’s exactly what I want.

    Love, love, love..that word, lol. I’m still learning about love I will say that. I won’t say any names but what I will say is that my heart has a place for this person like no other. He has pushed me back and forth but in a sense so have I because of things I’ve gone through. One thing I dislike is that people make assumptions and they look at people in the wrong light because of one thing they’ve done. I feel as if I can forgive and move on so should everyone else I deal with. I try not to hold grudges towards people and you know hold any kind of negativity in my heart, soul or mind. My spirit is a positive one so I want that to show within everything that I do. He has done me wrong but with love it’s a cost we pay. When we’re young it’s hard to be committed and know exactly what we want. I’m the type that love is a very sacred thing to myself and it’s a bond that can’t be easily broken once you fall for someone. Regardless of what goes on or who comes around when you look that he or she in their eyes all the passion and love just comes alive within your body. Love is stronger than sex, hate or any negativity. I believe love just like PRAYER can change things and people. Love is something that not everyone can understand or able to have or give to another person. I know many guys once done wrong they kind of shy away from love and just screw over females because one female did them wrong but just like every guy is not the same every female is not the same. It’s hard for me to trust just anyone because several times I’ve been hurt by someone I’ve loved and it takes me time to rebuild that trust. I know what my heart wants and WHO it wants but at this time I think my focus needs to remain on my life and accomplishments more so a relationship. Also right now the person I love and desire to be with has much to experience and go through before we rekindle that flame. At the moment my wish is to just remain as friends and become friends like never before. I love him…I do just not in love with him. As he keeps pushing me away and etc my feelings fade away or just aren’t as strong. My love journey still continues and I’m ready for it, whatever comes. ❤

Love, Peace and Honesty,


Rest In Peace and Happy Birthday…AALIYAH!!!!


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