Happy New Year! {Update 1.2.2012}…

Happy New Year to my readers!, 

It’s been awhile since I posted something on my blog spot. But it’s a new year and it’s time for new adventures, ideas and challenges to prepare for in the new year. I honestly have been trying to figure out what’s next in my life and where I’m headed because I’m turning 23 this year and I just need to really step it up. The things I need and want aren’t easy to get but if I put my mind on it, I got it. So in order to get back on track and refocused is to honestly isolate myself from Facebook, twitter and only communicating with few people I daily associate with because they get me through my day to day issues lol. I’m doing a self reflection for 30 days. Within the 30 days I will work out and write every day. My weight and writing are my key priorities this year outside of FINDING A JOB IN MY FIELD.I have an interesting life which is a roller coaster and I honestly love it because it keeps me motivated to keep pushing. Only reason its a roller coaster is because of those I allow myself to deal with and talk too so I have decided to cut them out of my life. I left three people in 2011 because they weren’t on the same page as me mentally or in general. I’m moving towards positivity and my real life goals. I gained so much knowledge in 2011 and not to leave out my Bachelors Degree in Visual Communications and I just realized who were my real friends at the end of the day. “Friend” is a word that is used too damn loosely and I don’t play with the word friend nor “love” because love to me is deep so if I say I love you thats my word. I’m passionate about love and life so if you not learning from your mistakes and repeating them, bullshitting with your time, immature and just not doing all that you possibly can with your time and LIFE then you got to go. I’m a about growth and progression. Not bullshit so my mind set always changes.

In 2012 the three things I want to zoom in on are: Independency, Consistency and being open minded. I have personal goals I need to meet because I’m about to be 23 and in my eyes at a certain age your suppose to maintain a certain lifestyle and mindset, that’s just me. I don’t have no kids and no man so I’m single which I truly think is a good thing because with everything I’m set to achieve I can’t have any distractions or things to make me not focus on what I dream. I’ve had a vision since I was in the 10th grade I knew that I wanted to open a camp for girls who suffer from depression, self esteem, personal issues as well as after school centers for kids in the inner city who go straight home to play video games and into the wrong things. I want to reach my hands out to those who wish to be helped but just don’t have the right person to guide them or the resources to get to the level they see themselves. It’s not easy getting into success because most people don’t want to do the WORK it consist of to get to the success. So it’s not often you see people achieve the dreams they desire. With me I can’t lie I have my days like everyone else but my mind is always thinking and deep in my heart at the end of the day I know what my true mission is. Unlike others at 23 I want to leave a legacy behind and be able to impact others. I’m working towards being successful, being fulfilled, living a true purpose and know that I’m happy doing it all. I’m not just another human being, I have dreams and ambition…

Love, Peace and Honesty!,



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