Update {December 24, 2011}…

Hey readers!,

I’m excited to say that the editing to my book maybe on the rise if all goes well, that process I’m praying will be able to be wrapped up by Spring 2012. After the editing process is wrapped up I will make a decision on publishing, I’m looking into self-publishing and traditional publishing. Not sure which one is better to go with and I know marketing is my biggest concern. I want to be able for EVERYONE to get my book and read it either by an physical book in hand and as well as electronically. I want anyone who has a kindle or ipad to be able to read my book easily,  it’s getting more and more popular to have a kindle or ipad so I’m looking into that method as well. The one publishing company I have been talking too have the option for amazon but I’m not sure about ipads. Besides that I want to target my young audience as well and my ideas include to go on a worldwide tour in libraries across the United States, public ones. Along with public libraries, I think going into schools and interacting with teens especially females I want to talk to them plus I would like to just go to stores like Barnes and Nobel. Marketing is the most important tool with a book so that’s my main concern especially with self publishing and for myself I would want a street team on the east coast, west coast, south and middle up near Chi town so that I’m in the streets heavy. Honestly I want to go outside of the united states so that I can touch lives in Africa, China, Europe and more. I want anyone who is breathing to be able to read my book because I think anyone of any color, ethnicity or culture would be able to relate so I want to just have a strong street presence and able to tab into the media as well. Getting onto the radio and tv shows would be another GREAT outlet. I have many ideas but I must get the editing rolling so I’m on a prayer. Besides the book I have cut my hair once again so I’ve cut my hair a total of 3 times and it’s been a year coming in April 2012 of being natural. I’ve been thinking heavy about my life and where it’s heading. I want my heart and soul to be fulfilled by life. That means things from fulfilling my own dreams and helping others along there life journey as well so I’m just working on my own mindset. I’ve also been thinking of expanding my options with dating other races because I don’t think love has a race. Don’t get it twisted black love is something I feel strongly about BUT I also know that you can fall in love with anyone God intends for you to fall in love with your own race or NOT. So I’m curious to venture out…next year I just want to push myself out of my comfort zone. I’m actually excited. I’m working on myself on a strong basis and I’m going full force with EVERYTHING. The picture below was a recent photo at my friend Octavia’s make up party and her dad cut my hair again to even it out all around. True beauty is revealed and I accept me for all that I am. No weaves or extensions. ❤ I love it…I encourage any one thinking about going natural…DO IT. Do your research and just be ready for a journey of self. I’m on this journey and I learn more and more everyday…. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love, Peace && Honesty,



Coming soon…


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