Watch Me Work…

Watch Me Work…

All my life I’ve been searching

For something that complete’s me

For people who’ll accept me

Flaws and all

I’ve been told “you can’t”

Now I’m telling myself “yes you can!”

Failure is not an option

Giving up is not an option

Success and being myself is the only option

G r i n d i n g like clock work

H u s t l e is what success consist of

This joy that’s been given can’t be taken

You stay in your lane

You keep doing the same thing

Keep getting the same results

I’m about to get mine

I know it’s almost time for me to shine

Just watch me work


This is a new poem written today! I’m in this mode at the moment so this is one of three poems I wrote today, I haven’t wrote new poems in a long time so I needed to write some material. I was just so excited to write new material but Watch me work is saying regardless of what who says or think I’m going to keep climbing and keep pushing. People will talk whether if your doing bad or good so you must stay focus, positive and on the right track. Someone is waiting for you to make the wrong move so keep pushing!



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