Hello my loves,

It’s that time of the year! The holidays are here and family is all around which my family is around at all times. I love my family 20000% lol. But the book is under going crucial editing and by December 31st I will be sending it out to literary editing companies to be edited and getting furthermore help to move this process even more. I want to begin looking into publishing companies come spring. This book is my baby and my baby. Its all positive and its a look in the mirror. My friend helped me highlight who my audience truly is. My base audience are young females. My words will speak to women of all colors, shades, shapes, sizes and ethnics but being as I am a african american woman naturally I’ll appeal to other african american woman. It makes my heart so happy to be able to know who my core audience truly happens to be only because I have this MAJOR concern about the african american community especially woman. My heart is excited about everything and my own ambitions I hold inside of my body is truly amazig. Everyone will see what Im so ambitious about in the book and my focus right now honestly is on my book, my weight and my future. Moving has been on my mind and which moves am I focusing on. A job in my field, love and what happens within the next year Im leaving up to the man above. Check out my tumblr blog which I’ve been on heavy:




…love, peace and honesty!!!!!!






  1. Multiplication Chart · December 19, 2011

    i like it

  2. svchost.exe · December 21, 2011

    cool story bro

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