I Pray {Poem}…

-This is old but its a goodie


I Pray


I’m only one person

But, do I deserve to be hurting?

God, give me strength

My faith is with you

I believe I can survive

How much love can I provide?


See me through my rough times

Let me keep rhyming

Let me keep my energy

Lift my spirit and set me free

Forgive me and my sins

My anger runs so deep


But my love runs even deeper

No one can judge me

I have one person to please that’s GOD

Besides, giving my all

I know in life you must fall

I know in life you have to crawl


Bless me

Save me

You’re the one person who knows me

You gave me life

You gave me love

All I have is my spirit and pride


Surround me with truthful and honest people

Let me keep my realness

Let the harm stay far

Let me and Alan stay in a jar

My passion for music

My passion for writing


Let it stay strong

Keep your arms and eyes on me

Let my talent take over me

Let my love be a bigger part of me

I love YOU GOD

You keep me living


You bless me everyday

Please, let me shine

Let what I love be mine

Let me be who I am

Long as I love YOU and have YOU


I’ll never stop believing

I won’t give up

Everything will be perfect




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