Get Your Mind Right…

Get Your Mind Right

Hurting those around you

Jumping from the next person to the next

It’s not helping you

You get no where

Only one person is getting hurt and it’s yourself




It’s all cruel and unfortunatlely our world is full of

When shit happens people like to blame everyone but them selves

When you mess with the wrong people and you hurt them

Blame yourself

When you screw up and you run from the mess

You made

Blame yourself

Deal with reality

Stop being a cry baby

Face the damn world by yourself

If you can’t handle your own

If you can’t confront yourself

Who the hell will?

You fuck up than suck it up

Don’t blame them for your mistakes

It’s no ones fault but your own

Hold your own ground

And get your mind right



  1. hollyannegetspoetic · November 20, 2011

    “You fuck up then suck it up” – tell it like it is lady. 🙂
    Love this – so true.

  2. Ruby · November 21, 2011

    Right…..!!!! We need to take a look in the mirrow.

  3. dreya07 · November 21, 2011

    Thanks ladies! I appreciate the feedback! Look out for the book!!!!!!!

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