Update…{November 19}

Hey loves.

I’ve been to myself lately. Even thinking about just completely staying to myself just to really get things completed and dig deep into myself as a woman and see where I’m headed. I’ve been editing the book which is becoming like the hardest thing ever because editing my own work is pretty hard to do. I kind of feel like I need someone to tell me what to take out or if it’s not necessary to add that or something. But I have a goal by mid December to be done editing to look into the literary agencies and get professional feedback. Photography I’m trying to figure that out still as well because I haven’t done any illustrations or photography. I’m thinking just to future pictures of myself as I’ve grown up over the years because it will be much to try and rush and take pictures for every poem in the book when I have so many poems int he book. So I’m still debating. But the book is one of my main focuses plus finding a job in my field. It’s hard because I know exactly what I want and what I need. I’m not trying to just say “oh I have a job” I want to do what I love to do and not feel “trapped” or “stressed” at my job. I already feel trapped and almost sad at where I work only because I’m bored and ready for a change. But God hasn’t blessed me yet to move on so I’m being patient. Life gets real after you graduate and you must keep pushing. Staying motivated and maintaining ambition is another thing to keep in mind because things can distract you from what you truly want in life. I’m trying everyday to just be thankful for a job and just stay focused on the book. I’m happy I’m doing this book and the reasons I’m writing this book is not just for myself I think I’ve said this before but for the younger generation and those going through similar situations that I’ve experienced already. I want to use my life experiences as a testimony so that those going through know they aren’t alone and they can even talk to me. I want to open discussion because females don’t hold standards like back in the day, they don’t respect themselves the same, they don’t have confidence and the aren’t smiling as much. So I’m just trying to spread some positivity in my book as well as be raw and honest to those who think they shit don’t stink, lol. Sorry had to be honest. But please be a positive influence on someone’s life because everyone wants to be loved just don’t know how to show it or say it ❤


Love, Peace and Honesty!



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