Skinny Girl The Pretty Girl

Skinny Girl The Pretty Girl

Say skinny girl walks into the mall with a cute outfit on and hair done

Fellas be watching and hollering

Let a thick girl come through who is cute as hell, hair done and

prettier than the skinny girl

The thick girl get joked on, smirked at and stared at

Skinny girl the pretty girl

What about the thick girl the pretty girl?

It takes so much pride to be a big girl

Each day you deal with different emotions

Every day you worry about the same thing

People are so quick to judge a plus size girl

People are so quick to holler at the skinny girl

Big girls are just as sexy, pretty, gorgeous and cute

You’ll try to bring us down

You’ll try make us feel less than a woman should

Curves and booty are beautiful!

More curves and booty are even more beautiful

But as long as there are skinny girls it’ll be

Skinny girls the pretty girls!


….this is an old poem that was written awhile ago but I’m editing the book and I wanted to post it because I think it’s a great poem. I felt real in my feelings so I needed to post it! Memories…


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