Random Thoughts…

Hello loves,

I went to church today and my spirit got lifted as well as spoken too, my soul was grateful to be awaken at service. I’ve been kinda just living day to day trying not to fold because I’m not truly happy with working in Retail any more. But at church today I was reminded that God doesn’t give you more than you can handle and that you must go through things to get to where HE wants you to be. I will continue to look for a job in my field because I am oh so passionate about designing but I know I can do anything I put my mind too. It’s hard  out here to even find a job so I’m happy to have a job. It’s getting more and more stressful at my job because of management changes and rules they want to suddenly make which makes your job not so fun. When I first began at my job 3 years ago it was so much fun and remind you I work for a very good company! It’s been in the top 5 for the last 10 years or so I can’t complain but I’m talented and ambitious so I don’t settle. I am gearing towards doing more freelance to build up my clientel and working with people who want me to be apart of their team(s). I won’t just settle for retail because in my HEART I know I need change and that I’m meant to do more. I talk to God daily about my situation and I know he’s listening.


I’ve decided to do as much editing as I can the next two months then send off my manuscript to literary editing agencies and then go into publishers. I haven’t started illustrations or photos yet. I will have  to work on this while I edit. It should be fun but a lot of work to do together. My goal is by the end of next year have an idea of when the book will be final and be out. I know the book will be amazing and something for people to read. Building my platform and proposal is what I’m working on at the moment to build a strong foundation for my book. I want to reach out to the african american community heavily and I want to touch others as well because no matter the skin color every female struggles with the same struggle BUT me being an african american I can sympathize with this particular audience to the core. So I’m on the fence of who I want my core audience to be, I want both and all! I just want to touch lives period. So we’ll see. I’ll probably go to the library soon and see what’s in my genre of book and see what’s out there for my competition. It’s exciting because in a few years I will have the title “author” under my name/belt. God is good and I’m going to keep HIM in my spirit! Keep reading!!!!!!!!!!!


Love, Peace and Honesty,



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