Stay Strong {Oldie but goodie}…

Stay Strong

As time goes on

Life only gets harder

So you have to become wiser

This world is not about YOU

So you have to man up and face reality

To become what you dream

You have to put your work in

What I’ve learned is that

The more work you put in the more it pays off


All the experiences you go through

All the tears you cry

All the mistakes you make

Can only make you skin that much tougher

No one will hold your hand

Let go of your fears

You have to have a wonderful and blessed life to live

Time may seem rough


But GOD is by your side

There’s no need to run and hide

If you mess up, it’s okay

You learn from your mistakes

Take your time with what you want and dream

All you have to do is believe

And most definitely keep your faith

Even, when it’s a hard situation to digest


Life goes on no matter how you feel or what you think

So, hold down your own

And stay strong


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