…you {not a poem}

… you

There’s no doubt in my mind that right here is where I want you to be, question is:

is this where you want to be?

You say the right things at the right time and your there for me but

do you want to truly be mine? Will you love me the way I love you?

I love you with a passion with no hesitation…do you?

There’s nothing more I wish than jus to lay in bed with you

watching you sleep, listen to your heart beat and when we talk see the man

I love, the fear, the hurt, the pain and the little boy you always hide.

You’ve been hurt by her I get that but let it go.

I totally understand “the first love” thing I’ve held onto mine for the longest but I realized

he moved on so why can’t I? Once I let him go things slowly fell into place.

My heart hasn’t really been the same but

I know what I want when it comes to love and guys.

You want to be loved just like everyone else.

And I’m announcing to you and the WORLD

I’ll love you the way you want to be loved and then some.

Money don’t matter to me, flashiness don’t matter to me

and the bullshit of this world don’t matter to me…YOU do.

I’ve fought for this love several times, it’s your time to shine.

Show me you want it bad as I do.

Your the baby in your family but in my heart and my life your my baby boy too.

Life is short and we gotta take advantage of the love we do have for each other.

It’s been two years of bullshit, tears, pain and hurt on my end so from this point on

I’m done with that stuff.

I’m a great friend and I know how to love

Especially when the love is given back.

It feels good knowing somebody loves you back.

You gotta be willing to open up your heart, open up yourself and level with me

If something’s gonna work.

I’ve known since the first time I said “I love you” I wanted you.

That’s exactly what I want…you


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