Hello loves.

Well things always go up and down in my life which I think it’s like that for EVERYONE but I just wish things would stay like consistent for the most part but it’s just not possible. Which I have no complaints because my life is crazy but I laugh at most of it because things that happens keep me going to become stronger, wiser and better. This week me and my friend Vanessa gonna start working out! Plus my routine is going well, yeah I have a work out routine through out the week. My fetish at this moment is FIJI water it’s GREAT lol I love it so much and I just need to find something to munch on because I like snacks lol. I eat yogurts but that’s not a snack to me! Lol. But I think at this time I’m just finding who I am even more. I want to be on another level and be able to know myself enough where even in relationships I know when I need to step away or when it’s time to just zone out and have that “me time”. I think us females don’t know when to leave something alone or know when to say let’s take a breather and come back later to discuss things when we cool off. I know for a fact that when your younger you tend to want to always be right and we want to prove our points but we can’t just listen to what our partners side or how they feel. When your young you don’t know yourself enough to be in a relationship and we wonder why it don’t work! I’ve figured so much out since I’ve been single, lol. Amazing what being single can teach you. I watch my friends and even family members relationships and I just learn from them.

Anyway, I’m getting my phone in like 27 days! I’m excited I have 3GS so I’m just ready for an upgrade. the iPhone 4S it’s a dope phone and it’s pretty sexy in white so imma get the white like I have now. I’ve order two cases and extra wires on ebay! It’s my new love EBAY and I think Amazon is runner up lol. But I’m gonna get an iPad I think for my birthday imma go ahead and get an iPad hopefully the new ones will be out by then or I’ll just wait until it comes up and save up for it like I’m doing for my phone. So much I’m trying to besides my book, I will start photography this week for the book and new material. The proposal is going well and I think I am just adding more onto the old one because the first one was pretty raw which I love about my book the rawness because I think people can feel the intense and realness in a book. I enjoy something REAL when I read a book so I want that feel. I will continue editing this week and check in with those helping me edit.

I will keep everyone posted on my world, I’m trying to do it at least once a month or at least once a week! I am thinking about starting a TUMBLR because I’m seeing it’s very popular and I need much as exposure as possible. Soooooo keep reading and keep giving me feedback on material! I love feedback from my readers ❤ muah!


Love, Peace and Honesty,



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