Superstar {Poem}


 For the longest time I’ve adored you

If I could I would be your groupie

I know with you in my life I wouldn’t be who I am

The time we spend I cherish and adore

Because everything seems perfect when it come to you

I’m your number one fan

Whenever you talk to me I get so excited

It’s like all the rest of the world is gone

That’s when we grow closer and I feel like I’ll never be alone

I want us to last


Since I am your number one fan and your groupie

I want you to sign my heart

I want your signature written on my weakest area

I know it’s easy to get broken

But I love you

When you’re in love you will take that risk

I feel like you’re a singer and you adore me as your fan

This is my metaphor to show you my love angel

How much I adore you

I’ll be your groupie, baby


Because you’re my superstar

As your number one fan I’ll do all that I can

To show you how super you are

Because I’ll be your groupie, baby

Because you are my superstar

Give me your signature

And sign it right here on my heart

Because you are my superstar!



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