Mr. Right {Poem}…

Mr. Right

When I cry, he’ll wipe my tears

When I’m sad, he’ll know what to say

When I’m happy, he’ll be happy

A guy who is real

A man who will be a man

Not a man but has a little boys maturity

He’ll hold me for no reason

He’ll make me laugh

He’ll know when to show me he cares

He’ll know when to fallback

But, when the dark clouds come

We still hold each other down

And he’ll still let me rock the crown

He’ll treat me like royalty

“Bitch” that word

Will never come out of his mouth

Not even during heated arguments

We’ll lay together just to do it

Sex won’t just be sex

It’ll be for his and my pleasure

Limits? Not measured

Where I’m down he’ll build me up

He’ll encourage me

He’ll love me

He’ll ride for me

Never ever lie to me

He’ll do all the freaky things

No other dude has done to m e

Make love all night, wake up and do it again

A new chapter will begin

With Mr. Right


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